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Pregnancy Belly Band - Maternity Essentials

Pregnancy Belly Band - Maternity Essentials

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The Belly Band is a device that is designed to support the lower back and the abdomen during pregnancy. They are flexible support garments that help women stay up and about in the later weeks of their pregnancy without bearing the growing pains.

While growing pains or round ligament pains are normal during pregnancy, with all of the new products, there are ways to help deal with them. Belly band helps alleviate some of the pain while providing additional support to help you stay active.

This band also provide gentle compression around your baby bump so you don’t feel the weight of it moving around when you’re walking or running, making the experience a lot more comfortable.

What should I pay attention to when using the Belly Band?

1. In order not to affect the development of the fetus, the belly band should not be over-tightened and should be taken off at night.

2. The telescopic elasticity of the belly band should be relatively strong, can lift the enlarged abdomen from the lower abdomen, thereby preventing the uterus from sagging, protecting the fetal position and reducing the pressure on the waist.

4. Please refrain usage while sleeping.


Material: Cotton

Stage of regulation: Pre-pregnancy

Specifications L : Length: 155cm, XL: Length: 164cm



1*Pregnancy Belly Band

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