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Baby Portable Bottle Warmer

Baby Portable Bottle Warmer

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Product Information:

Portable bottle warmer made of high-quality rubber and blended materials, safe, soft to use, and safe to use, Use with confidence, escort the health and safety of you and your children. 

Its adjustable size to fit most 5-8cm diameter baby bottles, this baby bottle has a special strong velcro around the edge that can be adjusted to fit most different baby bottles.

Milk warmer for baby - DC 5V 2A, power 10w. USB cable length - 80.5 cm. it is compatible with dc 5v 2a usb devices such as power banks, laptops, charging adapters, etc


Why Should Choose our Baby Portable Bottle Warmer ?

  • * Heat insulation function, which can keep milk warm and enjoy fresh food when you go out
  • * This is the perfect choice for travel and is very useful for any new mom who needs to leave but needs to care for baby feeding

Size Information:

Packing list:
Milk warmer*1

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